9 years ago our family made Algoma, WI our new home. Just over 5 years ago we bought a 10 acre hobby farm two miles south of town where we could raise our own food. This blog is about the things we’re learning along the way about living a life of quality in rural Wisconsin. Scroll down for more…

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Like water, news travels downhill (downstate).

Todd Lohenry:

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Originally posted on kewauneecares:

News coverage of the Rural Health Dilemma forum held on November 16th is still flowing throughout the state. As long as agricultural practices continue to be the largest contributor to soil, water and air pollution in the state, health concerns will remain a viable topic of discussion. The more people know about the problems facing us now and into the future, the better the chances that public pressure will effect an attitude shift among politicians and the regulatory agencies to find solutions to the rural health dilemma.


An op ed article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel :

Agricultural sector degrading state’s natural resources

It’s been said that there’s three sides to every story — yours, mine and the truth. The truth of Wisconsin’s problems and continued degradation of our natural resources due to the agricultural sector is found on our beaches fouled with algae cladophora, our continued, worsening air…

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